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Introduction />

Emmanuel Béranger is a French artist based in Poitiers. A trained gymnast, draftsman since childhood, his work gradually turned towards the body associated with the line, with drawing. He questions the place of sport as an artistic discipline by scripting and performing bodily performances himself. With his charcoal in his hand, the trace of these performances is found frozen on a wall or a sheet of paper.

Quantify Content />

Emmanuel wanted to share some of his current work on a portfolio. In order to start building the site with complete peace of mind it was essential to measure the quantity of content envisaged upstream.

His work as an artist being deployed in several mediums, we determined together that the site will host no less than 5 artistic disciplines, themselves composed of 1 to 3 projects each. For such a diversity of content, a menu seems appropriate, but at this step, no door remains closed.

Identify Needs />

Everyone has their own needs. An artist especially does not have the same needs as a commercial for example. It was really important to identify what Emmanuel wanted to illustrate behind his Portfolio. Is he selling a product? Does he sell entertainment? Or even a service? By approaching his work and listening to his intentions, I have come to consider that Emmanuel sells ideas. Ideas to create, reflect, build and deconstruct.

Arouse Curiosity />

With deeper knowledge of his work, I identified that his performance Sauts had been predominant in his research and the rest of his projects. The concept appeared to me that we could introduce the portfolio directly on this piece.

Without precise explanations, the visitor is invited to Launch Figure by clicking on the central red button. An animation is triggered and we see a red line appear which seems to imitate the pre-existing shape but at a particular speed. The speed and behavior of this line correspond to the movements of the body performing the figure during the performance. The abstract side of this first home page is part of the desire to question the visitor on the «what» and the «how» of this work and thus arouse his curiosity.

To minimize the possible actions on this page and thus increase visitor's attention, I decided to include site navigation in a menu called “burger” and those even in large screen configuration.

Main Structure />

Like the homepage, the main content deserved a specific introduction. Each discipline offers its own reason for existing. Emmanuel took seriously the role of writing an introduction for each of them, in order to explain his motivation to visitors. The layout was designed with the aim of providing a clear and ergonomic reading.

Color Chart />

Finding out more about the artist's motivations has proven useful up to the choice of colors for the entire portfolio. The particular attention he pays to his movements during sports performances is directly linked to his training as a gymnast. Very codified, the environment of the gymnasium and all the associated equipment were our inspiration for the choice of colors.

Personal Feedback />

I had the chance to work on such a unique project. Building a portfolio offers many challenges, from design to development. And I am always grateful to work with individuals engaged in their work as Emmanuel is. Thanks to him.

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